Internet Marketing | Can Anyone Succeed?

by Jayne on February 7, 2012

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In today’s post I’m addressing a question I’m asked often pertaining to Internet Marketing… and that is “can anyone succeed?”

The answer is a resounding YES.  Anybody can succeed with internet marketing BUT only if they really want to and possess the following:

1)      The willingness to learn

2)      Tenacity… the stubbornness to keep going even when the going gets tough.

3)      Investment … both into yourself and a little monetary investment too

4)      The strong desire!  Not just a ‘wishy-washy’ kick at the can

5)      Determination

6)      Consistency

The above list is in no particular order… it’s just the whole necessary package!

Internet Marketing is a REAL business and should be treated as one!

I’m not sure why, but so many people who want to get into this industry think they can jump on board and have instant results.  The truth of the matter is … that’s not the way it works.

Like any business you build, online or offline, you must be willing to learn as you go.  You can’t expect to jump in headlong and get instant results.  You will always make mistakes but if you are willing to ‘learn  you will eventually find a way to master skills that work and learn from the things that don’t.

With that said however,  small failures are actually learning experiences too and should be viewed as ‘opportunities for improvement’  as they help you  recognize the need for making changes…particularly if what you are doing isn’t bringing the results you envisioned.

Having tenacity is a huge part of Internet Marketing as well.  Particularly is you have experienced failures or disappointments.  Most people these days throw in the towel after their first failure, hence never stick with it long enough to make the changes and taste success.

It’s a shame really because while there are not many guarantees in anything in life, there is one sure fire guarantee and that is:  you will fail in your internet marketing endeavour or any other endeavour… if you quit!

Investing in your Business:

When I talk about investment, I’m really talking about investing time, into your own education more than I am referring to money.

Usually it’s the ‘investment of money’ that scares people off… which to be honest I just can’t grasp.

Why is it that most people fully expect to invest in offline businesses but when it comes to internet marketing so many people expect it’s a free for all?

I’m not saying you have to invest a LOT of money.  In most cases you don’t have to.  It is however imperative you invest in your learning.

Sometimes a good course can do you the world of good, and can shorten the learning curve by teaching you how to properly get set up and proceed.  Sometimes these lessons are related to building an effective website, or sharing your information on various platforms, etc.,   they can save a world of frustration, particularly if you have never marketed online before and most of the time if you get the ‘right’  help, can help you START EARNING much sooner than  if you battle through by yourself.

It is my belief that any entrepreneur should be willing to invest a sensible amount of money into their business.  After all, this is not a game.  This is a business… making sensible choices by purchasing valuable courses or paying someone to show you the skills you need can also serve you well  throughout your whole internet marketing career.

Not only will you more often than not learn things you may have never known otherwise, you will also save a tremendous amount of time and frustration by learning the right way sooner… and avoiding the wrong ways!

Since I just mentioned TIME… lets talk about it.

I understand that in this day and age few of us feel to have enough time.  Let’s face it, we are all busy.  I know I am.  I have two busy children, a husband, a household to run and a very busy business that I need to nurture every day.

So many of my clients struggle with fitting everything in as well,  and though we all have different lifestyles, they all find eventually by rearranging, there is always a way you can invest some golden hours into your business if you truly have the DESIRE to make it happen.

The thing is, if you consistently invest time into your business, and you are focusing on the ‘effective’ strategies to get your internet marketing business off the ground, the wheel will start to turn much sooner than if you sporadically spend a bit of time here and there… and operate your business in a loosy goosy fashion.

Taking the time to consistently build your business is huge.  The internet is an ever-updating machine… and every little bit of information you put out there will get picked by the Search engines more often the more you do.  So using your time effectively will pay back in spades even by doing a little each day.

Taking Action to Build Your Business

Even though you may be investing the time into your business, or even purchasing courses in order to learn, it’s really easy to forget about implementing the things you’ve learned, so make sure you actually DO something and take action.

What I mean is you can become a professional student, yet never take action and use skills you’ve learned.  Don’t fall into this trap! (Says she who’s traveled that road!)

Always learn and then consistently take action… otherwise you’ll have all the knowledge, you just won’t be using it… and unfortunately that does nothing to build your customer base.

Never Lose Sight of  Your Desire:

Building a business can take a little time so it’s imperative you stay in touch with your big why… which is your reason for having the desire to build a business in the first place.

There is obviously a reason you’ve been drawn to internet marketing … and that’s likely to have more time, money and fulfillment.  Whatever your reason is, hold on to it and know you can indeed achieve whatever it is you desire.

When things don’t happen immediately, don’t give up.  Just continue to be consistent and never lose your determination.  I truly believe that at the end of the day you will be compensated for your hard work.

So, how do I know Internet marketing Success is possible?

When I started in this industry just over 4 years ago, I had absolutely NO experience.  I was not a techie (and I’m still not the best), and even though I knew nothing about the industry or even ‘how’ people were making it happen, I had a strong desire, determination and I was willing to learn and do whatever I needed to do to succeed.

Funnily, I did incredibly well in the beginning.  Then a few things happened, and I lost my focus and started to dibble in my business only here and there.

I, like many people started chasing shiny things … you know all those tools and courses that promise the world?

I soon found I spent so much of my time stabbing here and stabbing there… that in the end I was so far behind it was scary… not to mention my results sucked largely!

Once I regrouped however, I realized the necessity for organization… both personally and on the business end of things.

I became  totally organized around the house and started carefully planning my schedule and activities I would perform in order to use my time to the best of my ability.

I quit buying courses… not saying I am not a proponent of purchasing courses, but they need to be evergreen courses teaching solid and useful information that will serve you always.

Investing in courses that promise you instant results are not an ‘investment’… they are just a money vacuum that will lie to you and send you on all the wrong paths.

I hired a coach… I thought… ‘Hey’ you never know” …

I, to this day can’t even put a price tag on the way having a coach helped me forge ahead with vengeance.  It just proved to me that with the right direction and learning the right things, plus having an accountability partner who had a genuine interest in my success was just the ticket to keep me on the straight and narrow.

I started furiously implementing and taking action.  Sure I made a few mistakes but I recognized where I went wrong and made the changes.

I learned so much from my coach that I may have never learned otherwise and I continued to learn and implement, learn and implement like a frothing crazy woman.

The end result?

Well, I still market my business opportunity just because I love it… but to be honest I am now so busy coaching that my biz opp runs itself.

I believe because of my willingness to learn, I also just naturally learned a variety of skills, and eventually became so well branded and forged so many great relationships throughout the ‘Webosphere” that people started approaching me and asking me for assistance.  That’s how I picked up coaching and subsequently became a certified life and business coach.

For me, internet marketing has opened so many doors and even though there have been bumps and grinds along the way, without this industry I would have never been able to lead the life I do today.

There are a plethora of opportunities available to anyone who wants to earn a very comfortable living.  The thing is, you have to start somewhere … and it doesn’t matter if you market a business as I did and still do, or whether you have a product, service or a business idea of your own.   (As I also do!) 🙂

Internet marketing comes down to “using the internet to market”.  That means getting out there and performing the effective strategies to promote ‘whatever’ it is you want to do.  And ultimately being found by the targeted individuals who want what you have.

It’s all basically the same and there are no exceptions.  Once the wheels start turning you will soon agree that there is no reason that those who have the strong desire for success can’t create an incredible existence by learning the ins and outs of internet marketing the right way.

If you’re struggling, get the help you need.  The sooner you get on track the better.

I now work online full time from home on my schedule.  I have clients all over the world.  I manage my time so I can be available when I’m needed and I care not where on this cool planet my clients reside.

If I choose to get up at 5 am to take a coaching call, I can.  I can always arrange my schedule so I can take a break later on if I need to.

Furthermore, I am available for my kids when they need me and I have plenty of time to do the things I want to as well.

If living a comfortable life style on your terms is what you truly desire, internet marketing can definitely repay you for your initial investment as long as you never give up and take consistent action each and every day.

Are there any other qualities you’d like to share when it comes to internet marketing success?  Please leave me a comment below!


 learn how to build a website, learn to build a website

If you’ve every wanted to learn how to build a website… and a whole lot more, I’d like to share with you the website building tutorial that taught me  just about everything I needed before I gained any other experience.

First of all, I’d like to remind you that when I first started working online I knew absolutely nothing!  My greatest ability back then was sending and receiving emails… on a good day I could send an attachment.

What I did know however is that no matter who you are, you need a website for your business regardless of what it is.

Because of my insatiable desire to make it happen, I asked just about everyone I knew … who was remotely “techi”… if they could help me learn to build a website… or even better ‘show me’.  More often than not, I was ‘sluffed’ off simply based on the amount of time it would have taken them to help me properly. 😐

You see, sadly back then… there really were not many options unless you wanted to spend the time and learn all the “techi” computer stuff… coding… html… and other boring details that were about enough to send anyone screaming and running the other way.

Finally… after much time spent frantically searching something I could sink my teeth into,  I came across a website building tutorial / program that was probably the best move I could have made… and still serves me today with all the other skills it taught me.

My saving grace was “Site Build It”… and although it is indeed a program to build websites, it is much more than that.

Now as a caveat, I want to point out that same as with anything “new” there is always a learning curve.  You DO have to invest the time into learning the skills you are taught and stick with it to the detail in order to get the most out of it. 

The website building tutorials are in both Video and Written form.  I found that I used both simultaneously in order to glean a better understanding as well as results.

The fellow who created Site Build It, Ken Evoy is likely one of the most articulate people I have ever come across when it comes to teaching the finer details about building websites.    He goes into pain staking details to make sure you don’t miss a beat in this whole process, however at the same time, he requires you to put thought into every single step and ensures you lay the foundation in a very solid fashion.

In other words, this is not one of those website programs where you can sign up… and BOOM your site is instantaneously erected.  No Siree!!… You will be taken through intricate steps from choosing your niche, your domain name, erecting your home page, and how to create secondary pages, etc… three tiers +…deep!

You will then be taught how to ensure your content is value packed and well balanced and adds value to your readers which is obviously the main goal here.  You will learn step by step SEO necessary to drive even more traffic.  Finally, you will learn how to pre-sell your clients and monetize you site.

Using website building tutorials such as *Site Build It* provides incredible benefits as at the end of building one site; you will most certainly have a through understanding about not only site creation, but any marketing techniques you will need to be found on the World Wide Web.

For anyone who wishes to learn in depth knowledge surrounding how to build a website and all the other SEO Techniques necessary to grow a great audience, I would highly recommend this step by step program.

Once again, (as I already mentioned) it is necessary to take the time to move through the program slow and steadily in order to get a thorough understanding.  Any time you spend … will be time well spent as the skills you will learn, you’ll learn thoroughly and all this knowledge will stick with you as you move through your online endeavours.  

I wrote this post simply to share this program based on the fact that it was just what I needed at the time and know that for those who are serious about learning how to build a website and much more, you will definitely get a lot of bang for your buck.  I never recommend anything I can’t endorse personally.

Site build it is just one of the ways you can learn now to build a website… I will share an alternate, less in depth, yet very effective method in my next post.


If you have any questions whatsoever, I invite you to contact me at any time via email, phone or Skype.





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